Hello World, Caleb here. 

I’ve been an on and off again blogger over the years. Switching between business, travel, and my ultra running adventures….but after being in business for myself for nearly 10 years now, I finally feel I have clarity about the message I want to put out into the world. 

That message is the anti-hustle mindset!

Don’t let this fool you though. I’m not about laziness or lounging around half the day, doing nothing. 

I’ve read and listened to countless books and podcasts about “hustle,” and I believe this message is dangerous and misunderstood. 

The message trumpeted by many respected entrepreneurs is “hustle and grit.” Work hard, work long, work non-stopped. 

The problem with this message is many wannabe entrepreneurs can take this the wrong way. They also don’t have any distinction between actual work and time sucking activities that are nothing more than distractions. 
The hustle mindset advocates constant work without clarifying what that work should be. 

Let me explain. If I work a 60 hour work week and half of those hours were spent doing something creating the illusion of work, such as browsing social medial and clearing out the app mail inbox. I really haven’t done that much, have I?

Work long and hard until success happens. That sounds great and admirable. But it only works if you are focusing on the right things. 
The anti-hustle mindset on the other hand trumpets less work, but focused and smart work. 

It’s all about eliminating distractions and focusing on the important aspects of the business that drive growth. 

Growing a successful business doesn’t have to require 80hr work weeks. Hemp Daddy’s was built only working about 20hrs per week the first 6 months in business.  – It’s all about focusing on the right things and cutting out all the fluff. 

The fluff might feel good, but at the end of the day, that’s time you could have spent resting and recharging so that you can be even more focused and successful in your work. 

The hustle mindset might still work for the young pups out there. But for a man or a woman with a family. Working smarter in less time is the way to go. 

Why chose “grit” when you can work smart?

The ant-hustle mindset is all about freedom, family, and working your business in a satisfying and sustainable fashion.