About Caleb Simpson

Ever since I could remember I was an entrepreneur.

When I was I elementary school I would set up lemonade stands right outside my house next to the stop sign. I also set up a mini-arcade in my bedroom and tried to charge my friends to play.

After college I ran my own freelance photography business. Eventually I left freelance photography, and my full time job to start Bearded Brothers…and I’ve been a full time entrepreneur ever since.

I hope my journey as an entrepreneur will inspire you. You can do it too.

Caleb Simpson

Founder/Owner of Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics

Founded in 2018 after exiting my tenure at Bearded Brothers energy bars. My passion for organic foods and quality ingredients lead me to start a CBD brand dedicated to quality products, transparency, and USDA Organic Hemp. My goal is to serve people with their CBD needs, especially endurance athletes. You can shop our products at: www.hempdaddys.com

Bearded Brothers Energy Bars

I Co-Founded Bearded Brothers in 2010 and ran it for eight years. During that time I helped grow the company to over 2,000 retail locations, including: REI, Whole Foods, and WalMart. We had great success online and with Amazon as well. In 2018 we exited the company and turned over the reins to a new set of Bearded Brothers (seriously).

Bearded Brothers Logo
That Trail Running Podcast

That Trail Running Podcast blends my passion for entrepreneurship and Trail Running. In this podcast I interview entrepreneurs, and people working in the trail running industry. From founders, to field reps. The focus on this show is diving in deep to the industry, not just interviews with athletes and chat about the latest races.