About Caleb Simpson

Wise Method LogoI’m passionate about helping entrepreneurs and small business owners manage their time, be more productive, and achieve a healthy work-life balance. I recently created “The WISE Method” to teach small business owners how to effectively mange their time, accomplish their goals, and achieve an amazing work-life balance – one where you own your business rather than your business owning you.

Having started multiple successful businesses, I have learned quite a few lessons along the way that have helped me stay on top of things, not feel frazzled, and live a FULL life.

I like to call myself The Anti-Hustle Entrepreneur, and I firmly believe the “Hustle Mindset” is toxic. You don’t have to burn the candle and both ends to be successful. With the proper systems in place, you can be productive and have the margin in your life to pursue ALL the things you love.

If you find yourself constantly feeling frantic, like you can’t keep up, or that you are just drowning in your to-do list. Then I can help. The first step is signing up for my email list or taking the Productivity Killer Quiz, where I email out tips for managing your time, being productive, and other valuable business lessons.

I will be offering my first ever only courses starting in early 2021. Be sure to sign up for my emails today so you can get my “founding member” discount. Either way, you are sure to find my emails packed with value.

Bearded Brothers Energy Bars

I Co-Founded Bearded Brothers in 2010 and ran it for eight years. During that time I helped grow the company to over 2,000 retail locations, including: REI, Whole Foods, and WalMart. We had great success online and with Amazon as well. In 2018 we exited the company and turned over the reins to a new set of Bearded Brothers (seriously).

Bearded Brothers Logo

Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics

In 2018 I started Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics, a direct to consumer CBD oil company targeting Endurance Athletes. Hemp Daddy’s is a solid six figure business that supports my family and my lifestyle. Hemp Daddy’s products are made from USDA Organic Hemp, and are the best and most effective products on the market. I started Hemp Daddy’s out of frustration with low quality CBD products that have flooded the market.