About Caleb Simpson

Ever since I could remember I was an entrepreneur.

When I was I elementary school I would set up lemonade stands right outside my house next to the stop sign. I also set up a mini-arcade in my bedroom and tried to charge my friends to play.

After college I ran my own freelance photography business. Eventually I left freelance photography, and my full time job to start Bearded Brothers…and I’ve been a full time entrepreneur ever since.

I hope my journey as an entrepreneur will inspire you. You can do it too.

Caleb Simpson

Founder/Owner of Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics

Founded in 2018 after exiting my tenure at Bearded Brothers energy bars. My passion for organic foods and quality ingredients lead me to start a CBD brand dedicated to quality products, transparency, and USDA Organic Hemp. My goal is to serve people with their CBD needs, especially endurance athletes. You can shop our products at: www.hempdaddys.com

Bearded Brothers Energy Bars

I Co-Founded Bearded Brothers in 2010 and ran it for eight years. During that time I helped grow the company to over 2,000 retail locations, including: REI, Whole Foods, and WalMart. We had great success online and with Amazon as well. In 2018 we exited the company and turned over the reins to a new set of Bearded Brothers (seriously).

Bearded Brothers Logo
I Love Trails

I Love Trails blends my passion for entrepreneurship and Trail Running. This is a community site with gear reviews, interviews, and a podcast. In the Podcast we focus on interviewing entrepreneurs and industry leaders in the Trail Running and Outdoor industry space. We also have a thriving Facebook Community.