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The WISE Method is Now The Six Hour Work Day

Caleb Simpson WISE Entrepreneur

Caleb Simpson: Founder of Bearded Brothers Energy Bars, Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD, family man, and avid outdoor enthusiast.

Hi There, I’m Caleb Simpson Author of The Six Hour Work Day

I’m offering a FREE Training on The Six Hour Work Day, a system I developed based on 15 years of entrepreneurial experience. 

I want to help YOU become more productive, manage your time better, crush your goals, and achieve and amazing work-life balance.

My next live training is on Friday, April 16 at 12:30PM CST.

But don’t fret if you can’t make it live. There will be a recorded replay available to you for a few days after the training ends.

I can’t wait to see you there. Click below to register, or keep reading if you want more details.

  • Find out how “Visual Task Management” can help you escape overwhelm and never forget anything. Tired of things falling through the cracks?  The system I teach will help you declutter your brain and effectively manage all you have on your proverbial plate.
  • Feel like you always have an endless list of things to do? Discover how the systems taught in The Six Hour Work Day can help you effectively mange your to-do list and NOT feel overwhelmed.


  • The Six Hour Work Day teaches you how to be in a constant state of control and ease. Once you learn The Six Hour Work Day you can always have a clear head and sense of control no matter how long your project list is.


  • Escape overwhelm by implementing Effective Systems in ALL aspects of your business, from task management, to processing email, to simply responding to the request of a co-worker.


  • The systems I teach in The Six Hour Work Day are what helped me grow a national energy bar company and manage an e-commerce CBD brand, all while working less than 30-35 hours a week and having PLENTY of time to spend with family and pursuing my passion for trail running