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The Ultimate Productivity & Time Management Boot Camp

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Escape the overwhelm, manage time effectively and craft the life you want to live.

Wednesday - Friday
April 21-23 - 9am - 4pm CST

What The Bootcamp Includes

  • Live Q&A Sessions with the course creator
  • Real Time Implementation Sessions – This is a Get Stuff Done Workshop that yields real results
  •  Worksheets with actionable exercises you can use in your life and business
  • You will learn how to create and customize your own system to manage workflow and increase productivity
  • How to gain clarity on exactly what you should be working on and how to avoid getting distracted
  • How to implement “Visual Task Management” into your life and business
  • Discover how to incorporate effective strategic planning into your business, and what exercises and questions you should use to bring the clarity you need
  • Time blocking secrets that actually work. Discover the right and wrong way to implement time blocking into your work life
  • Tame those files and emails. Not being able to find what you need hinders productivity.  Discover how to get them both under control 


  • The Simple Rules For Implementing Your Own Effective System
  • Visual Task Management Explained (both digital and paper versions)
  • Work on Implementing Your Own Digital or Paper Based Tool
  • How to Make Your Work Flow Easy


  • How to Manage Your Email and Stop Having Things Fall Through The Cracks
  • Files, Files and More Files, How to Process all that Paper and Create Your own Reference System
  • Time Blocking Done Right


  • Strategic Planning
  • Discover the Exercises I Use to Work On My Businesses
  • Wind Down Time – The Importance of Rest + My Secret Bookend Strategy for Starting and Stopping my Day
  • Putting it All Together

+ Live Q&A With Me - Real Time Implementation Sessions & MUCH MORE

*This is a loose schedule and is subject to change. I’m custom creating this course based on participants!

You Also Get These Amazing Bonuses FREE

Mastering Distraction Mini-Course

Mastering Distraction Course
  • Distraction hacks for your iPhone and computer
  • Discover WHY Mastering Distraction is critical to the growth of your business
  • A peek inside my PERSONAL Distraction Free Phone Setup
  • How to get more distraction free time into your work day
  • The course also includes a “quitting social media challenge” that will help you quit entirely or curb your appetite for it

Get Stuff Done Trello Tutorial

  • The get stuff done Trello Tutorial. Go deep with a simple setup I teach that will help you effectively manage your work and personal life. Valued at $99, but it’s yours for FREE when you enroll in the course
  • Video walk through on setting up the perfect Trello Board (can also be applied to other digital tools)
  • A peak inside my PERSONAL Trello Setup
  • Examples of other ways you can use Trello to manage your work, such as sales funnels, and outlining projects (like this course)

The Four Day Fast Cash Email Secrets

email secrets value
  • Discover my fast cash email secrets. The email blueprint I use to inject thousands of dollars into my business at will
  • Learn the exact email sequence and download my email swipe files, so you can implement similar emails into your business.
  • Learn the four types of buyers and how to customize each separate email to speak to that audience
  • This tried and true system is excellent for boosting cash flows in your business. Especially when you have big offers to send to your list

For A Total Value of $1,200
For ONLY $199

Caleb Simpson WISE Entrepreneur

About The Course Creator

Hi, I’m Caleb Simpson. Creator of The W.I.S.E Method.

I co-founded Bearded Brothers energy bars, which I grew to over 2,000 locations nation wide, and later started a direct to consumer CBD oil brand, Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics.

I’m passionate about productivity, rejecting the hustle culture, and living a fulfilling DEEP life! I work 25-30 hours per week on average, and spend lots of time with my family, and outdoors in nature (my true happy place).

Now, It’s my mission to help you get clarity and peace of mind around your work, reduce stress, WORK LESS, and experience a massive boost in productivity.

I hope you will join me for my upcoming Bootcamp where I will teach you everything I know about living a fulfilling productive life.