Hi. I’m Caleb Simpson. 

I’m the co-Founder of Bearded Brothers energy bars which I exited from in 2018. I helped grow the brand into over 2,000 retail locations, including WalMart, REI, and Whole Foods. 

Since then I have started work in the cannabis/CBD industry. My brand is, Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics. Just one year in and we’re 100% profitable and thriving. 

Both brands I have built using an anti-hustle mindset.
As an entrepreneur I’ve set out to work for myself, have freedom, and to be more present for my family… not to work so many hours at the sacrifice of relationships and pleasure. 

Working smart can achieve the same, if not better results than the “hustle mindset.”

Working smart means being very intentional with your time and freeing yourself from distractions. 

Growing a successful business doesn’t require working 50-80 hour per week. 

The anti-hustle mindset isn’t about being lazy.

It’s about working hard and smart… and having an excellent work/life balance, that the hustle crowd will envy.