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Tips for building brand recognition without spending much money – Part 1 of 4

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Unless your business is backed with millions of dollars in VC funding or has been profitable for several years, chances are you don’t have a marketing budget. When Bearded Brothers launched, we raised $5,000 on Kickstarter to get us going, in addition to some of our own money. From the very start we didn’t have a dime to spend on marketing; and despite not having any funds to promote ourselves we have managed to grow to 400 retail locations across the nation and develop a lot of brand recognition. Here is how you can build brand recognition without spending much money.

Social Media

It should go without saying: If you are a business you MUST have social media accounts. Bearded Brothers has accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

This is FREE marketing. Although, lately Facebook has made it much more difficult to succeed in this arena, by implementing the pay to play strategy to make money off businesses, but I have some helpful tips on that. These platforms allow you to generate creative content for your customers, and potential customers, to engage with. It also helps you spread the word about your brand.

Over time social media has gotten us quite a bit of attention, but that is only because we are active on all platforms (although we can do better). It has essentially had a snowball effect for us. Even though our follower rate may not seem to indicate that, we have received some great media attention in publications such as Trail Runner Magazine, Bloomberg Business Week, and Backpacker Magazine (print only), all because of people finding out about us through social media.

Facebook: As any business owner knows, Facebook has severally limited the number of fans that see your posts. This is solely because they want you to pay to promote your content. I have found, however this is very much worth it, if you do it right. My advice is to not spend money on Facebook Ads. This is because the content shows up in the side panel. Mobile users, and desktop users with ad block won’t see this content. And you are still being charged for impressions of users that have ad block installed.

Screen Shot 2014-04-01 at 6.59.24 AM

My number one piece of advice is to use, “Promoted Posts.” These pieces of content are seen on all platforms (mobile and desktop) and can expand your reach well beyond Facebook Ads for a smaller amount of money. They key is to target your promoted post. When creating the post select your target demographic age range, and gender if applicable. This will allow you to reach a much larger audience with a smaller dollar amount.

You can even get specific by typing in interests. This will allow you to narrow your target audience down even more. In my past experience I have noticed that way more people see my posts than Facebook tells me. Notice in the screen shot provided here, the reach would be 6,300-17,000. If my post is relevant enough to the audience it’s going out to, it will definitely reach the 17,000 mark, possibly even higher.

The last promoted post I ran was promoting a sale on the Bearded Brothers store. The post was shared upwards of 40 times, had over 700 likes, and was clicked over 275 times, and generated about $2,000 worth of sales on our site. So, the $40 we spent promoting the post was more than worth it. In addition to likes, shares, and sales, we gained a lot of new fans on the page because the content was going out to friends of people that had liked our page.

I will share more about how Twitter can be used to your advantage in a future post that relates to the topic of, “Building an Army.” The next post will be about telling your story: something I believe to be crucial when it comes to developing your brand.

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