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The Trail to 50 Miles

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The Trail to 50 Miles

50 MilesSince I started getting into running I have always found the need to set goals for myself in order to improve and stay motivated to exercise. If I didn’t have a half marathon on the books I would find a trained less.

Recently I decided to train for a triathlon. After completing that this past August I soon found myself injured and unable to run anymore. Now that my injury has decreased I once again find myself lacking the motivation to train.

Goals are an important part of training and fitness. My new goal…. to run a 50 mile trail run. My plan is to run the Cactus Rose 50 in October. I have already teamed up with a group of trail runners to train for the event. Having never run more than 15 miles before, training for this trial race will be a huge undertaking.

Additionally, I hope to enter a couple more triathlons along the way. So, it would seem my workout schedule this year will be pretty packed. I’m just really hoping this summer is not as brutally hot as it was this past year. I can’t imagine having to do long training runs in 100-degree heat. But, seeing how this winter has already been unseasonably warm, I have my doubts.

Another reason I have decided to take up train running is, I am still not fully healed from my bike accident in October of 2010. My knees still give me problems, as well as my heal from a more recent injury. The running coach I have talked to recently assured me that trails are where I need to be right now. It makes a lot of sense – the ground gives as you run on it, pavement does not, thus injuries are more likely.

You may think I’m crazy to set my goal so high, seeing as how I have never run more than a half marathon, but I feel it’s better to set my goal high, so if I end up only obtaining a 50k this year, I’m one step closer to obtaining the 50 mile mark.

I have always thought the Ultra Runners were crazy, and that there was no way I would ever do that. But I’ve said that plenty of times, about several things, including entering a triathlon. So, I have learned that If I say I will never do something, chances are I just might end up doing it.

So, keep checking back for updates about my progress. I’m sure I will begin posting more about the sport of trail running as I learn more. I feel fortunate to be living in Austin, where there are so many awesome trails within 30 minutes of my house. It’s sure to make training a lot easier.

Do you find it necessary to set goals to keep your training levels up? If so, share your goals here to motivate and inspire others.

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