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The business beard has grown

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So, I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting a new blog for a long time now. Since launching Bearded Brothers back in 2011 I have learned a lot of valuable lessons, and continue to grow as an entrepreneur.

I hope to use this blog to share the things I have learned, thoughts on business, life, fitness, and health. I still may post a trail running or rock climbing trip report from time to time.

You may also remember my blog For now I’m letting that one go so I can focus on posting here. Look for my first post later this week, titled “How running a business is like trail running.”

About Caleb

I'm the co-owner/founder of Bearded Brothers, an organic snackfood company. I love ultra running, rock climbing and cycling. I'm also a vegetarian, passionate about health and well-being.
  • Scott Smuin

    That is a great idea Caleb! I’m excited to hear your thoughts. Running a business is like trail running. I have often thought about how ultra running and running a business are similar. Anyway, I’ll wait to read your post before blabbing on about stuff. I think it would be great to chat sometime about all this stuff.