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Male Nesting – There are no Full Moons In Our Home

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Pregnant wife, about to pop

Kristy, 39 weeks pregnant, and ready to have the baby!

If you have been pregnant yourself, are married and have kids, or are close to somebody that has kids, you have likely heard of nesting. It’s the time the mom-to-be suddenly realizes her baby is coming soon and gains enormous boosts of energy in order to prepare the home for the arrival of the new life.

For many moms this period of time is spent cleaning, preparing the baby’s room, organizing baby cloths, and getting EVERYTHING possible ready for the child to be as comfortable as possible when she comes home.

When I had my first child I never really experienced any nesting tendencies, but with this pregnancy things are quite different. I have had several nesting tendencies of my own this go round. In the past couple weeks I have been in male nesting mode, getting ready for the arrival of my first son!

Here is how I have been, “nesting.”

My wife loves to refer to me as her wolf. Anytime I leave stuff lying around the house, or leave dishes unwashed, she says I’m “wolfing out.” Well, there have been no full moons in our home these past couple weeks. Dad has been on top of things like a fat kid on a cupcake!

Anytime I come home from work with a pile of stuff, I immediately put it in its place. I also put my shoes in their proper home (the closet) rather than right next to the entry door. I have even been keeping the kitchen clean, something I’m normally really bad about.

On top of helping around the house, I have also cleaned both of our cars, and installed the car seat. I think this is where it all started. Kristy requested I clean both of our cars, but it didn’t stop with a hose down and a vacuum. I got out the automotive cloths and Armor All and went to town! I have even been KEEPING my car clean, which is the vehicle we are using to bring home our son. I’m normally notorious for leaving things in the car, saying I will get it next time, but of course next time always becomes, NEXT TIME.

Inbox Zero

Inbox Zero. It is possible!

An increased level of productivity at work has also been a result of my nesting frenzy. In anticipation of taking a week off to be with my wife and son I have been a busy beaver. I have even achieved the infamous “Inbox Zero.” Which is something I used to just scoff at. I recently read David Allen’s, Getting Things Done, which is another contributing factor to increased productivity and nesting like tendencies, but ultimately the near arrival of my son has sent me into overdrive to ensure a stress free time away from work. I won’t be able to rest unless I know what has and hasn’t been taken care of.

I currently feel unstoppable. I have really been enjoying this nesting frenzy. So if you have something you want done, you might want to ask me to do it for you before the oven timer goes off: because after that you won’t be able to reach me for an entire week.

Are you a male that has experienced nesting? Do you know another guy who has? Please share your experience in the comments.

Personal thoughts after Senate Bill 5 failed to pass

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Pro Life

My 9 month old daughter. She is the result of an unplanned pregnancy, but is the joy of my life!

In the wake of Senate Bill 5 (restricting abortions after 20 weeks) not passing I thought I would share a bit of a personal story… My daughter was an unplanned pregnancy.

At the time my wife and I became pregnant we were in the middle of a launching a startup business, so we only had one income, which was my wife’s. We both wanted to have children, but our plan was to wait until the business took off and was paying my salary.

But life rarely goes as planned. In January of 2012 we found out we were pregnant. I was scared out of my mind at first. I had no idea how we were going to afford supporting a child on the income my wife was earning from a non-profit organization. But even with all the fear the thought of abortion never entered our minds.

Our goal was also to have my wife become a stay at home mom when we had children. That seemed impossible, but never did my wife tell me to sacrifice my own dream and get a “real job”. She remained steadfast and supportive and carried our child. My wife perhaps was more hopeful than I was, but we both stepped out in faith, having confidence that God was going to provide for us and take care of us.

Having a child when we did didn’t fall in line with our plans, yet here we are today with a beautiful 9 month old baby girl. We love her so much, and I’m confident if we did not have her we would have regretted it. Our daughter brings us so much joy and life.

During our pregnancy we first began feeling our child kick at 19 weeks. But even before that my wife and I both felt a connection with our little girl (although at the time both assumed she was a boy). The child that grew within my wife is a life, and always was. But before she was born she didn’t have a voice of her own, and that is why I’m suddenly becoming so vocal about this issue I once rarely spoke out on.

Unborn children need a voice. It seems more people speak out against the life of a house pet (at least I see that a lot in Austin) more than they do in favor of allowing children to live. Life is life no matter how you look at it. It doesn’t matter if the mother of that child lives below the poverty line, or if the child is at risk for downs syndrome… the child deserves to live and experience life!

I will continue speaking up for tiny unborn children until their cries are heard.