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Trust your gut

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We have all made mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes were made even when a sinking gut feeling was telling you it was a bad idea. The reality of it is, and any good seasoned business owner will tell you: your gut is always right.

There have been several times throughout owning a business that I have had a bad gut feeling about something. At times I have listened to the sinking feeling telling me to run the other way, and other times I have ignored that feeling and pressed forward anyway.

If you ignore that voice things just might go horribly wrong. Thankfully I personally haven’t experienced any devastating blows due to not listening to that little voice inside my head (and sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach), everything has been correctable, but not without a bit of pain.

One thing to know about trusting your gut is that you just might leave thinking you might have missed out on something. The reason for that is you didn’t get burned in any way: fear or missing out looms in your head. But, if on the other hand you didn’t trust your gut, you would have definitely felt the negative consequences and regretted not trusting your intuition.

Trusting your gut can be as simple as passing up going with a certain paper supplier or as complex as walking away from a seemingly great business deal. One of the greatest examples of trusting your gut I can think of is Clif Bar. Owner, Gary Erickson, walked away from a $120M deal on the day a contract was to be signed, all because he had a bad gut feeling! Today, Cliff Bar does more in sales annually than that initial offer he received.