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Project run America is truly inspiring

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Well, I ended up missing the past two days during my 30 days of blog posting, but I have a good excuse. I was attending the Team Red White & Blue trail running camp at Camp Eagle, in South Texas. I didn’t have internet access and I was spending the better part of the weekend running!

While I was at the camp thought, I had the privilege of hearing the story of Ehredt (of Project Run America), who, “ran 4424 miles alone, from Astoria, OR to Rockland, ME placing 4424 flags, one every mile, for each casualty we endured in Iraq. Then in 2012 he ran 2146 miles and placed the same amount of flags in remembrance of every casualty in Afghanistan. We now have a wall of honor and gratitude stretching 6570 miles across America.”

His story was touching and inspiring. What seamed like a near impossible athletic endeavor was complicated even more by the placing of a flag every mile, with a handwritten name on each one, and lets not forget the logistics of food and arranging for places to stay.

To me, Mike’s story is more than just a story about honoring veterans, it’s a story of perseverance, determination, and overcoming the naysayers that told him it was just a nice idea. Not only did Mike pull off the extremely detailed planning of this grand memorial, but he executed EVERY DAY, no matter how hard it was. Rain didn’t stop him, flat tires on the stroller he pushed didn’t stop him, cold weather didn’t stop him, aches and pains didn’t stop him. No matter what, mike hit the road EVERY day and ran 26-30 miles, without fail.

One of the things that amazed me the most was that Mike never got weary of running those miles each day, every single day he looked forward to them. As an entrepreneur I strive to have that exact same consistent determination – to get up every single day and pursue my passion with the same intensity as the day before, no matter what new challenge lay in my way.

Please, take a few minutes out of your day to watch the video above. It’s truly inspiring. A full length documentary will be coming out later this year and hitting PBS channels across the country.


Start before the sun comes up

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Wanting to start a new business, a blog, or a new exercise routine? The best time to get started is before the sun comes up.

Chances are you are a father, a mother, or are working a full time job. Starting a new business, blog, exercise routine, or anything else new will be difficult to do during normal waking hours. If you really want to make your dream become reality, you’re going to have to start getting into the disciplined habit of waking up early.

My alarm goes off at 5 a.m. on most mornings. That is my queue to strap on my running shoes and hit the street, or spend time writing on this blog. I used to tell myself I would rather not wake up that early, so I would just write later today and run during the evening. That never happened, so I had to make a change. If I wanted to be more serious about my race training, and more serious about writing on my blog I was going to have to wake up before the sun comes up – every day.

Why start before the sun comes up? Why not just start in the evening when I’m still awake? The reason is simple. If you haven’t started yet there is a reason. So, get going, tell Siri right now, “wake me up at 5 a.m.”

A post of thanks…

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A post of thanks…

Me, Kristy, and Abby.

Just thought I would take a quick moment to write out some things I am thankful for….

  1. My new Church, All Saints
  2. My LOVELY wife and newborn daughter. I feel so blessed to have a family of my own. Just over two years ago I married my wife, and this past September we had our first child. Abby, though challenging at times is full of joy and happiness.
  3. I love my job. Having started Bearded Brothers almost two years ago, I can honestly say I love what I do. I haven’t had a case of the Monday’s since I left full time employment at a traditional job. I love sharing healthy organic snacks with the masses! I get to combine my passion for healthy eating and fitness with my business.
  4. Mentors I admire, but have never met: Dan Miller, the man who first inspired me to go out there and find my “dream job”, though I thought that would be traditional employment at first, I later found out that I was called to start my own business. Dave Ramsey, for inspiring me to excellence in my business. I’m also thankful for Kent Julian, my career coach, who also inspired me to excellence and helped me realize my true potential.
  5. I’m also thankful for physical health, that allows me to do things like rock climbing, cycling, and completing a 50 mile Ultramarathon.

There are MANY other things I have to be thankful for, these are just a few.

What are you thankful for?