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Holiday gifts ideas for entrepreneurs

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Gift ideas for entrepreneurs
Holiday shopping can be a challenge. You have many people to buy for and, in todays day and age, there is a chance you know an entrepreneur. Here are some Holiday gift ideas for the entrepreneur in your life, all of which I wouldn’t mind getting this Christmas, myself! (hint, hint mom and dad, if you are reading this)

Moleskine Journal

Moleskine Journal

Moleskine Journal

Moleskine Journals and notebooks are elegantly designed, durable, and perfect for taking notes, brainstorming, or planning that next big project. There isn’t a single entrepreneur on the planet that doesn’t use/need a good notebook. This is one gift the entrepreneur in your life will definitely use, and there is no fear they will return it, because more than likely they go through multiple journals a year.

Premium subscriptions to their favorite app

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 6.37.43 AMChances are the entrepreneur in your life has a favorite app they use on their phone. There is also a good chance that app offers a premium service. Two of my favorite apps, Evernote and LeanKit both offer premium levels of service. Evernote is an app that a large majority of entrepreneurs use to organize thoughts and take notes – it’s a super deluxe version of a tactile notebook. Moleskine even makes a journal that is designed to utilize Evernote’s optical note capturing feature.

Smart phone car mount

Entrepreneurs are busy people, and drive to meetings, listen to motivational podcasts on their morning commute, and need a hands-free way to take phone calls while driving. Enter the smart phone car mount. Car mounts will help keep your entrepreneur safe by keeping their eyes off their phone inside the car, and on the road: making following GPS directions easier, and taking hands-free phone calls a possibility. This Mashable article lists several suggestions for smart phone car mounts.

Ticket to a conference or retreat

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One of the great things about entrepreneurs is they never stop learning! The greatest entrepreneurs read books, listen to motivational podcasts, and attend seminars, events and retreats to help them grow their business. An example is the Entreleadership Summit, which is hosted by business owner and financial guru, Dave Ramsey. There are hosts of others out there too, and chances are the entrepreneur you know already has one in mind they want to attend.

A gift card to their favorite store (or iTunes)

What entrepreneur doesn’t want to treat their self? Chances are, especially with startups, you have been spending countless hours serving others and scraping by to provide for the family. Get them a gift card so they can buy something they really love. If you are unsure of where to get a gift card, iTunes gift cards are an excellent option. Entrepreneurs love music just like the rest of the world, and often times use music is a tool to help them focus and get lots of work done.

Just jot it down

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Great ideas are fleeting. That’s why it’s important to write down any and every idea that comes into your mind. You never know which one will evolve into your next big project. Even if the idea seems ridiculous or silly, write it down; something else might evolve from it.

I always carry around two things for taking notes: One is my Moleskine journal, and the other is my iPhone. I have a strong preference for physically writing things down. I feel that it helps those ideas stick.

If you are on the go your iPhone is the next best thing. Simply ask Siri to record a note for you, or open up Evernote and type it in. It really doesn’t matter what piece of technology you use to capture your thoughts, just make sure you write it down, other wise you will forget.

Our minds are only capable of remembering so many things. We have millions of things to-do, from meetings, to responding to email, to paying the bills, to strategic planning; that is why it’s imperative that you write everything down. Our days are filled with things that require our minds to work. It’s difficult to remember to run payroll, much less that great idea you had while walking from your car to a meeting.

Simply put, our minds are only capable of storing so much information. Writing down all your minds random thoughts and ideas is so important because we are bombarded with clutter – we will certainly forget.