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Four Years of Wedded Bliss

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Today I celebrate four awesome years of marriage to my amazing wife Kristy. In these four years she has been a huge supporter of my entrepreneurial endeavor, we have had two children, and had many great adventures together. She is my precious treasure, my best friend, my encouragement and support in all things. I love hear loads, and look forward to many more years together with her.

One example of how great she is can be seen in the post she wrote on this blog, How to love your entrepreneur.

Business Milestones

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Since starting Bearded Brothers nearly three years ago we have achieved many milestones, from gaining out first account in a small retail chain, to distribution in the South West Region of Whole Foods, but all those pale in comparison to our most recent milestone in my opinion.

Sure, increased sales and a presence in Whole Foods is great, but even more important is building a solid team and creating a company culture. On October first we celebrated our first team member reaching their one year Anniversary with Bearded Brothers!

We also have two other team members that will reach the one year mark early next year. I can’t tell you how great of a feeling of accomplishment this brings. Increased sales is great, but it is all meaningless if you don’t have a solid team of people surrounding you that helped you get there. I look forward to celebrating one year anniversaries many times over.

Certificate of Beardliness

Certificate of Beardliness, one year of awesomeness!