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How running a fast race is like running a new business

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The first 5K I ever ran, I ran in just over 17 minutes, or a 5 minute 30 second pace (prior to this I had run many other longer distances). I don’t remember the exact time because the race was not chip timed (digitally recorded). The craziest part of my time is, I have never run that fast in my life, not even downhill. Anybody that runs with me in my running group wouldn’t believe it if I told them.

But the reason why I ran this race so well applies directly to business startups. I went into the race without any real expectations other than to not let certain people pass me (yeah, I size up other runners). I also left my GPS behind and just ran! I had fun, and I just did it. I didn’t have a GPS unit displaying my pace to let me know I was going to fast. All I had was my own will and determination to keep up with a few other runners. As it turns out those runners were FAST.

Young and old entrepreneurs alike should enter a new business venture with the same mindset: to just run the race! You shouldn’t care if you are doing everything right, or if you are on pace to meet a certain goal. You should just pursue your venture with abandon and have fun. Doing so will get you farther and faster.

Had I gone into this particular race with a goal, (I’m not saying goals are not good) I would have set the bar much lower. I would have constantly looked at my GPS and kept a pace to help me meet that goal, not exceed it. Sometimes you just have to get out there and hammer away and enjoy the process without thinking so much.