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In order to grow your business you have to keep inventing. You may have just invented “the next big thing.” But in 10 years that thing might not even be a thing at all anymore.

In order to grow your business and stay alive you have to constantly be inventing new products.

Take Justin’s Nut Butter for example. Justin didn’t just stop with his delicious jars of flavored almond butter. He was the first to launch individual squeeze packs of almond butter, and was the firsts to launch a 100% organic version of the Peanut Butter Cup. Had Justin stayed idle and just settled for selling jars of almond butter, he might not be in business today.

My company, Bearded Brothers has a goal of launching new products every year. This helps us grow our brand, remain a viable business, and meet legitimate customer needs.

So, don’t just settle for awesome. Seek to be SUPER AWESOME!

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I'm the co-owner/founder of Bearded Brothers, an organic snackfood company. I love ultra running, rock climbing and cycling. I'm also a vegetarian, passionate about health and well-being.