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Expect Great Things

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Shoot beyond the moon

Shoot beyond the moon. Expect great things for your business.

In just a few days my wife and I will have our second child. Joshua will be born sometime in the next week, God willing. We have great expectations for Joshua, as well as our daughter Abigail. I don’t know of any parent that doesn’t have high hopes for their children. I hope that both Abigail and Joshua pursue and excel at whatever their heart desires most.

I also believe that entrepreneurs should expect great things for their business endeavors. If they don’t, it’s probably not a good fit. Looking back at my past attempts at becoming an entrepreneur I realize why those things never took off for me. I never had high hopes and big expectations. I merely wanted to work for myself and make a decent income at something I enjoyed doing. Many people do manage to work for themselves, but their business never really leaves the stratosphere. I would venture to say this is because their heart is only in it half way.

But once you have found something that REALLY grabs you, that is what you should pursue. And you should expect great things! If you don’t you will never reach your full potential. When I started Bearded Brothers I had great expectations, which only have gotten greater as the business has grown. What was once a small great expectation, is now a mega grand expectation. It keeps me going. Does it scare the crap out of me? You bet it does! I see the potential my little company has, it extends beyond the moon.

How big are you dreaming? Are you expecting great things for your business? You should, especially if it’s something you truly believe in, or are passionate about. You should expect nothing less than the magnificent.

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