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Everything happens for a reason

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I’m a huge believer that hard work pays off, but at the same time I also recognize providence plays a part of every successful business.

Every connection made, every contract signed, is all a combination of hard work, discipline, and a good dose of divine providence.

This has been hard for me to ignore with the growth of Bearded Brothers. A recent example of this involves our growth, and lack of it, with Whole Foods.

We are currently selling very well in the Southwest Region of the store chain, but despite our strong sales, great branding, and incredibly great tasting product, several others Whole Foods stores in other regions recently passed on carrying our brand (most of them without even letting us know why).

My first reaction was, WHY? What is going on? The Bearded Brothers brand is so strong here in Texas, it’s growing in other regions as well. Our product tastes amazing, and people love it. Why in the world would they not want to sell our energy bars, especially with strong sales in all our existing locations?

The answer…PROVIDENCE! Thank goodness for that, because not getting into other Whole Foods regions at the time ended up being a huge blessing. Just a couple months ago we attending Expo West, the largest trade show for natural products in the country. After that show our growth rate went through the roof, and we are working with another large retailer right now that will launch our product in July.

Our hard work was still paying off, despite not getting into other Whole Foods locations, which was part of our original growth strategy. It was a blessing because it opened up doors to work with another major retailer, and it allowed us to meet the growing demand of several other new customers. If we had brought on other Whole Foods regions when we had hoped, we would have REALLY been struggling to keep up with the demand.

I have seen countless examples like this as my business has grown. Hard work and dedication really does pay off. But when things don’t happen the way I was really hoping for, I can ALWAYS find a reason to be thankful.

Timing is another example of divine providence. There have been countless times things have come down to the wire. Since being in business we have moved three times, and all three moves came down to the wire.

I find a lot of comfort in knowing that I’m not in control of it all. I can’t control every outcome, and that actually brings me peace, because at the end of the day I know that ultimately everything will work out for the good: even if that means my business tanks.

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I'm the co-owner/founder of Bearded Brothers, an organic snackfood company. I love ultra running, rock climbing and cycling. I'm also a vegetarian, passionate about health and well-being.