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Bearded Brothers is going back to Kickstarter

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When we first launched Bearded Brothers 2.5 years ago we intended to launch a line of seasoned nuts and seeds along with the energy bars we are becoming well known for, but what we didn’t know was just how hard it was going to be to just make and promote the bars. The work we put into developing and making the bars was overwhelming for just two people (although mostly myself since Chris still works another full time job). So, we decided to put that portion of our business to the side, but the time has finally come to launch our sprouted, seasoned nuts, and seeds!

Having grown to nearly 300 locations launching a new product on this scale requires a lot of capital up front, so we have gone back to Kickstarter to help raise those funds! Please take a moment to watch our video and back our project! We have just over 40 days left to meet our goal, the first day we launched we raised nearly $4k, so we are already making good progress towards the goal.

Support Bearded Brothers on Kickstarter.

Support Bearded Brothers on Kickstarter.

Please support our project. Doing so helps promote organic healthy foods, sustainability (through organic ingredients and compostable packaging), provides jobs for the Austin community, and helps us get more healthy snacks into more locations across the US, making traveling healthy easier for all.

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I'm the co-owner/founder of Bearded Brothers, an organic snackfood company. I love ultra running, rock climbing and cycling. I'm also a vegetarian, passionate about health and well-being.