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A post of thanks…

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A post of thanks…

Me, Kristy, and Abby.

Just thought I would take a quick moment to write out some things I am thankful for….

  1. My new Church, All Saints
  2. My LOVELY wife and newborn daughter. I feel so blessed to have a family of my own. Just over two years ago I married my wife, and this past September we had our first child. Abby, though challenging at times is full of joy and happiness.
  3. I love my job. Having started Bearded Brothers almost two years ago, I can honestly say I love what I do. I haven’t had a case of the Monday’s since I left full time employment at a traditional job. I love sharing healthy organic snacks with the masses! I get to combine my passion for healthy eating and fitness with my business.
  4. Mentors I admire, but have never met: Dan Miller, the man who first inspired me to go out there and find my “dream job”, though I thought that would be traditional employment at first, I later found out that I was called to start my own business. Dave Ramsey, for inspiring me to excellence in my business. I’m also thankful for Kent Julian, my career coach, who also inspired me to excellence and helped me realize my true potential.
  5. I’m also thankful for physical health, that allows me to do things like rock climbing, cycling, and completing a 50 mile Ultramarathon.

There are MANY other things I have to be thankful for, these are just a few.

What are you thankful for?

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I'm the co-owner/founder of Bearded Brothers, an organic snackfood company. I love ultra running, rock climbing and cycling. I'm also a vegetarian, passionate about health and well-being.