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Monthly Archives: April 2019

CBD is the future!

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CBD entrepreneur
Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics CBD Oil.

Hi, everybody, it’s been a long while since I’ve written on this blog. I’ve popped in here and there over the past couple years, but have had zero consistency.

At times I’ve even come back on here to let you know I plan on blogging more. I hope that is actually going to be the case this time around.

Since I’ve last written on here, I’ve moved on from Bearded Brothers. It was a bitter sweet decision to sell the business, but good things are on the horizon.

Since leaving my roll as CEO of Bearded Brothers I have started a CBD oil company, Hemp Daddy’s Therapeutics.

So, far it has been going amazingly well, in just a few months we hit mid six figures per month in sales. We have received over 1,000 orders since we launched in September of 2018.

If, you haven’t heard of CBD yet, please check out the educational portion of our blog. There is loads of useful information.

As far as the Business Beard Blog goes, I do hope to blog here on a regular basis. I have been wanting a creative outlet, aside from writing about CBD oil.

I’ve learned a lot running a national CPG business, and I’m now learning a lot growing an online only company. I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you all.

So, stay tuned. More blog posts are to follow.