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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Food Launcher for Food Entrepreneurs

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I’ve been pretty silent on this site for the past few months, but there has been a good reason for that. I have been working on Food Launcher: a website dedicated to helping packaged foods companies launch faster, and stay inspired.

In addition to the website, I have been working on an ebook. The book is currently in the editing phase, and will hopefully be ready for purchase at the end of April. The site was a result of my desire to help others, and the frustrations I experienced when launching Bearded Brothers.

Food Launcher is essentially your one stop shop to get the answers you need to launch your food business. Until now, there isn’t a single place on the internet you can go to get all your questions answered in one location.

I hope the site will provide loads of inspiration for other food businesses and help many others get their product to market.