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15 Reasons to start your business TODAY

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1. Job security is a falsehood

Lets get something straight; there is now such thing as job security? I worked a government job for six years and saw plenty of lay offs during that time. My dad worked for a company for 25 years only to see his retirement (invested in stock) disappear when the company came to a near halt. He just happened to be the only one in the plant to keep his job. He was transferred to a new plant in Mexico, and three years later the company was bought up. He didn’t stick around to see what happened. It just goes to show; job security really does not exist. It doesn’t matter how secure you think your job is, it can disappear in the blink of an eye.

2. There is never a perfect time

For years I worked a traditional 9 to 5 job, hating every minute of it. I kept waiting for the perfect time to break into the world of freelance, but the truth is, that time was never going to come. Like many people, I was waiting for the stars and moon to align at some magical moment where it was crystal clear; this is the moment to start your business. Well, give it up, that moment is never going to occur. You will always sit around waiting for it, so get up and do something! Now is the time to launch your business.

3. Raising Capital has never been easier

With websites like Kickstarter and other crowd funding sites it has never been easier to raise the startup capital needed to launch your new idea. As long as you have a great product, service, or idea you have a good chance at having a successful project, just as long as you invest plenty of time into the project.

4. Starting a business creates jobs, many times over

Okay, it may seem obvious. You start a business, you hire employees, it creates job. But in reality this happens many times over. Once you start a business you are going to in turn boost cash flow for other companies you are purchasing from, thus causing them to grow and hire more staff. And who knows, one of your team members might move on to start another venture and repeat what you have done.

5. You have an idea, and it solves a problem

Chances are you are fully capable of providing a service somebody wants. Or you have solved a problem in an existing industry. You would be doing the world an injustice by not bringing your product or service to market. If your idea has met your own need, chances are it will meet the needs of masses.

6. Independent Freedom

Ahh freedom! Say goodbye to two weeks paid vacation and 12 paid Holidays a year. If you own your own business, you set your own schedule! Granted, this isn’t a cakewalk. You are going to have to hustle, and might even forgo some vacation days in the start. But in the long run you control your own schedule, and life becomes more flexible. Want to live in Colorado for the summer? Need your mornings free to train for a triathlon? Well, you’re the boss, do what you want!

7. Empower others

By starting your own business you are going to inspire others to do the same. Others will also ask you for help when they are starting their business. It’s a wonderful opportunity for you to develop your leadership skills and help the economy grow through the power of influence.

8. Create your own destiny

No longer do you have to slave away for “the man” and hope you get a promotion and a raise. If you run your own business you control how much you make. Keep in mind, you might not make as much as you would like to start, but who ever said starting a business was easy and wouldn’t require some sacrifice?

9. It becomes a platform to promote your personal convictions

I’m a huge advocate for sustainability and organic farming. These values can be seen in my business. Likewise your business can become a megaphone for whatever cause you truly believe in. There has been an increase in the number of companies that are tied in to a social cause. That isn’t for everybody, but owning your own business helps you reach more people with whatever message you want to proclaim.

10. Everybody else is afraid

Lets face it, many people are afraid to start their own business. Don’t be that person. Jump on in – the water is fine! And while everybody else is still dipping their toes in the water you are swimming ahead, leaving the would-be competition in your wake (if there is even a wake left by the time they catch up).

11. You will never work harder, and be more successful

Hate your current job? Well you can kiss a promotion goodbye. Chances are if you are stuck in a job you hate you will never succeed. I speak from experience (8 years of it). But once you find something you are truly passionate about, you will work harder than you ever have, and that hard work, persistence and dedication will equate to success. Hard work, boring work, and monotonous work will no longer be drudgery when it is focused on building something you care about with all your being.

12. People love a good story

Take Sweat Leaf Tea for example. Although owned by Coca-Cola now, they have a story to tell. They started out making tea in a garage with pillowcases. Similarly Clif bar started out of a disdain for the only other energy bar available at the time. It was started in the founders’ mother’s kitchen. People latch onto stories and want to support it because it’s human. Perhaps we all have a bit of entrepreneur in us just waiting to come out.

13. You are only getting older

This ties back into, “there is never a perfect time.” Stop saying, I will start my business when I’m ___ years old or have ___ years of experience. Start now! Experience doesn’t matter…..

14. Experience doesn’t matter

Yeah, I said it twice, and I will say it again, “Experience doesn’t matter”. When I launched Bearded Brothers, neither Chris or I knew jack about food manufacturing, distributors, gross profit margin, or what was even required by the FDA and local health department, but we didn’t let that stop us. We learned what we needed to do to launch, and continued to learn as we went along. We are still learning today. Don’t use lack of experience as an excuse; if you care enough you will learn what has to be done.

15. You want to do this

If you have read this far chances are you really want to start your own business, or already have. So, do what you want to do. Life is short, and if running your own business is your true hearts desire, then go for it. The worst thing that can happen is you fail! And if you do, it’s not the end of the world, just pick yourself back up and start something else.

About Caleb

I'm the co-owner/founder of Bearded Brothers, an organic snackfood company. I love ultra running, rock climbing and cycling. I'm also a vegetarian, passionate about health and well-being.
  • Nora

    Great post, Caleb.
    As a small CPG business owner, I can definitely relate to all of the trials and tribulations of carving out shelf space and growing your company. If a store declines your product, you have to take it in stride and push on. It’s not personal, it’s just business. When your company is your baby, it’s hard to deal with the pitfalls, but the rewards are exponentially more sweet when you’re working for yourself.
    Even if you may feel like you’re floundering (especially during the early days), you have to remember that there are people before you who have started similar businesses and have gone on to achieve much success. You’re never alone and there are always mentors to turn to. I’d like to personally thank you for all if the insight you’ve given me along the way!

  • scott

    Thanks for the post. I currently have a small business, but I’ve been doing it alongside a full time job. The stars and moon have never aligned to make the jump to doing my business alone, and I’m seeing that they never will. It’s time to get goin and hustle!